Green Quartz necklace to adjust

Product color: Green and bronze.
Product material: Green and bronze quartz.
Short product dimensions: L: 49.5 cm.
Product dimensions length: L: 99 cm.
Product weight (gr):

Original necklace of two-turn green wild quartz pieces and African bronze inter-pieces from fair trade. By having hooks each of your turns, you can adjust it to the way you want and need at that time. It can be a simpler piece with a single turn or transform it into a magnificent long necklace, in addition to its imposing original shape.

Bantú-inspired, whose name refers to any member of the 400 African ethnic groups. It transmits beauty, energy and passion in each of its high quality stones.

Each of the pieces contain a bit of ethnic essence but with a sophisticated point. And the most important thing is the deposited affection of its creator, who makes each piece in an artisanal way, so it makes it unique and unrepeatable.