Green Face Flower Pot


Color: Green 

Low pot dimensions:
L 12: A 12: H 9.5 cm.
Low pot weight (gr
): 400

Fat pot dimensions:
L 13.5: A 13.5: H 15cm.
Fat pot weight (gr): 800

High pot dimensions:
L 10: A 10: H 21.5 cm.
High pot weight (gr): 790

Characteristics: Circular flowerpot with relief drawing with an Inca-style face shape and inverted U borders with a broken green slip and earthy base, which due to its artisanal cooking can vary in color between one piece and another, which gives a character unique to each piece. Alone or accompanied, in the same size or different, in a single color or combining several colors can give a fun, unique and original touch to the space of your home.