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Candle Perfume Colors


Color Aloe & Ylang Ylang: Turquoise, natural, silver and black. Aroma Aloe & Ylang Ylang: Aloe Vera and Ylang Ylang.

Color Salt & Spices:
Lilac, natural, silver and black.
Aroma Salt & Spices:
Salt and spices.

Color Fig & Wood:
Light pink, natural, silver and black.
Aroma Fig & Wood
: Figs and wood.

Color Mango & Melon:
Yellow, natural, silver and black.
Aroma Mango & Melon:
Mango and melon.

Product dimensions:
L 9: A 9: H 7 cm
Product weight (gr):

Vegetable waxes, cotton wick, fragrances, glass, wood, cardboard and plastic.
Candles in colored glass container with wooden lid, which are presented in a black circular container with lid. Created with the same concept and quality as if it were high-end perfumes, each of these candles is formed by a unique combination of perfume and color, so that you can decorate and decorate any space.