Alabaster candle holder


Color: Natural.

Material: Alabaster.

Dimensions Candle holder small: L 8 : H 8: H 8 cm.

Dimensions Candle holder medium: L 10 : H 10: H 7,5 cm.

Dimensions candle holder big: L 11,5 : H 11,5: H 10,5 cm.

Dimensions candle holder XL: L 15 : H 15: H 14 cm.

Characteristics: Simple, robust but poetic at the same time ... These alabaster candle holders meet all these requirements, don't they? This type of stone is known since the pharaohs in Egypt and was found in the old city of Albastron.

Local craftsmen have inherited their skills in working with this stone for many generations and thousands of years.

Its yellowish white colour is the perfect natural and soft shade for a candle.

Mix and match the different sizes for an interesting and authentic display on your table.