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El Hogar Como un Espacio Sagrado

The Home as a Sacred Space

The coronavirus crisis and subsequent lockdowns around the world have forced us all to stay in our homes to shelter from the pandemic. The idea of ​​home as refuge and sanctuary has never been more important. How has this time been for you? Have you climbed the walls of frustration or have you enjoyed a period of peace and quiet? Where have you enjoyed your time the most during confinement? What area have you turned to in your home for some personal space? And what kind of activities have you been doing to keep yourself happy and relaxed?

It has caught my attention that, in this time, the two things that have become universal activities are making bread and all kinds of pastry in the oven and grow plants. What is it about these two activities that brings us so much peace? If you are lucky enough to have outdoor space, being in the garden or starting an urban garden, these have been great ways to be outdoors and connect with nature. Even those who live in flats have taken aim with pots on window sills and in kitchens. It's relaxing and satisfying, but it's also an activity that takes you away from the harrowing situation unfolding in the outside world. Making bread and buns is also a type of meditation. Kneading is wonderfully relaxing. The smell that comes out of the oven is like an inner voice that reminds you "I'm home!".

My own efforts have had mixed results. My biscuits are dangerously good, but any attempt at making bread or scones leads to disappointing results. Yeast and I don't get along. The same happens with the plants, which have not been a complete success either. Hardier tomatoes and herbs do very well, while more delicate ones like cilantro and chives, less so. In any case, they have been wonderful activities to share with my son and a healthy way to pass the time.

I had just moved in literally right before the Coronavirus hit, so I've also been working hard to make the house a home. How exactly is that done? For me it is such an important part of who I am that I have a hard time explaining it. It is an alchemy of all the ingredients that make me who I am, mixed with my background in interior design. One of the spaces that I am still finishing is dedicated to yoga and wellness. I also have my books there, and it is a private space not related to work or family. It is a space just for me, for self-care, exercise, meditation and disconnection.

All of this got me thinking about the connection between our homes and our well-being. Interior design is not something frivolous, not essential. A well-designed space can make us feel different, better, happier, and more connected to who we are. A well designed home can create a happier family life. I believe in it deeply, and it was this conviction that motivated me to become an interior designer.

So this week I'm letting you into my own home and into a space I've recently created with our Granada collection. It is full of beautiful motifs and natural elements that remind me of one of my favorite cities. Design has the power to make you feel more relaxed or to transport you to another place. It should incorporate all the elements, from the obvious ones like lighting and furnishings, to the less obvious ones like smells and sounds.

First of all, we must ask ourselves what are the activities that make us feel more at peace, more ourselves, and then create a beautiful space dedicated to it.Hence, in my case, I created a space for yoga, my books, and a place to display objects that have sentimental value for me, that remind me of special times, people and places. For you it might be the kitchen, the gardening, art, reading, listening to music…whatever brings you joy.

And I think an inherent part of this process is giving ourselves permission to create a space that supports us personally as people. We have been conditioned to think that this is being selfish or self-indulgent, but it is not. How can you give your best to others if you are not at your best? Taking care of ourselves to be happy and healthy has clear positive repercussions on our environment.

And a "sacred" space can be more figurative than literal. You can create sacred moments in your day to help you relax and find yourself again. That can be achieved by a hearty bowl of breakfast to start the day off right, or curling up in a favorite chair to read. For me, a hot bath with candles and essential oils is my "sacred" moment; all pain and tension dissolve like this at the end of the day.

But I think there are always five essential elements to creating a space in your home that is calming and comforting:


Use room sprays, scented candles, diffusers, and fresh flowers to fill your spaces with scents you love, evoke happy memories, and relax you.

Plants or flowers

Having fresh cut flowers and real plants creates that important connection to nature that we all crave on a subconscious level. Plants also clean the air in your house.

Personal Items

Place photos of moments and people that bring you joy, a stone collected on a special walk or a piece of art that you like. These articles tell the story of who you are and reconnect you with yourself.

Motifs, colors and natural materials

Wherever you live, even if it's in an apartment in the middle of the city, you can bring nature into your home by choosing furniture made from natural materials and fabrics, or even using works of art with images of nature.


Creating the right light in your space is crucial, whether it's with candles, a lamp that creates beautiful patterns of light and shadow, or adjusting the natural light in your home with sheers.

I'd love to see your sacred spaces! Upload a photo to Instagram with the hashtag #nomadestilosacred and we will choose the winner on the date of May 22, 2020, who will receive a gift to make their "sacred" space even more special.