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Trucos y Recetas Para una Cena de Nochebuena Perfecta

Tricks and Recipes for a Perfect Christmas Eve Dinner

What image comes to mind when you think of Christmas Eve? Probably it happens to you like us and you think of that cozy moment in which the whole family gathers for dinner. Food has that special gift with which it manages to bring everyone together around a table to share unique moments.

Today we invite you to our dining room, where we have prepared everything that we believe cannot be missing from such a special dinner…

Decorate your dining room with Nomad Style

At Nomad Estilo we have taken advantage of the occasion and have decorated our dining room with a Christmas touch. For this we have chosen pieces of wood, red and pink tones, as well as candles and golden decorations. This combination of colors and materials will give a cozy and Christmas touch to our dinner!

Here we show you some tricks and tips that will make your dinner unforgettable for all your guests…

Put art on the table

Decorate the table as a set and add personal details for each of your guests. You can use the napkins of each guest and give them a different touch by folding them in original ways. Here we leave you a video with several ideas that we hope you will like too!

On the other hand, you can incorporate elements of nature into your dining room by adding plants to your décor. In our case we have chosen branches and dry leaves that we have added in the center of the table and on the napkins of each diner. We've tried to match everything with the tones we mentioned earlier, so it doesn't get too confusing if we add too many colors.

In general we advise you to combine the colors of your decoration with the theme of your dinner or with its tones. We also recommend combining between two and three colors maximum, remember that less is more!

Have a toast

Surprise your guests with a welcome cocktail or a closing drink to a wonderful dinner.

Here is the recipe for our Christmas Mule (with or without alcohol):


  • Vodka or tangerine juice
  • Ginger Soda
  • Tangerine or orange peel
  • Star Anise
  • Cinnamon sticks


  1. A day or two before dinner prepare the base of your cocktail by adding a little star anise and cinnamon stick to your bottle of vodka. The longer you can let it sit in your fridge the better – that way the vodka will absorb all the flavor of the spices.
    If you prefer to make the non-alcoholic version, instead of mixing these spices with the vodka you should mix them with the tangerine juice and let it rest in the same way in the fridge.
  2. Mix your foundation with the ginger ale.
  3. Add a little star anise, cinnamon sticks and orange peel to decorate the glasses or the pitcher where you are going to serve the drink.
  4. Have a toast and enjoy!

Find everything you need to recreate our Christmas look in our Special Gallery.


We have a new surprise for you!

If you upload a photo to Instagram of your dining room prepared for your special dinner, add the hashtag #ComedorNomadestilo and tag @nomadestilo, you will enter a special draw for a Leaf Table. We will reveal the name of the winner on January 10, 2020.Don't miss your chance and participate now!

Do you have everything ready? Well, enjoy dinner with your loved ones!

Merry Christmas!