Vente con nosotros de viaje a la Sierra...

Come with us on a journey to the mountains...

First of all an apology, it´s been a while since we got in touch with news. It’s been a busy few months as we prepared for the winter season. We closed up the boutique in Aguamarga for the winter and have been working so hard to create our best winter collection ever for the online store. Normally of course we would have travelled somewhere to get inspired. This year that isn’t possible. Covid is still at large, and we all need to stay at home for a while longer to keep ourselves, our families and others safe.

So much has changed this year; the ease with which we travelled will probably not be the same for a long time to come. Our homes continue to be more and more important as we spend more time than ever living, working and relaxing within the shelter and safety they provide. Our priorities have shifted in the face of a pandemic; spending time with our loved ones and enjoying good health are surely all that matters this year.

hanging candleholder, candelabro colgante Wicker Pumpkin Basket Set, Juego Cestas Calabaza Mimbre

What kind of Christmas are you planning in 2020? It will likely be much more intimate and quieter than in other years. For me too. Normally I would travel home to see my family in the UK. This year we’ll be at home in Andalusia and my focus will be on creating a meaningful and beautiful holiday season for my family, but most especially for my young son. He’s old enough now to really enjoy decorating our home and all the little family Christmas rituals.

I’ve always been what we call in English an ‘armchair traveller’, that is to say I can travel just as well in my imagination as I can in real life. As a child I loved to read about travel and far-away places. This winter my dream destination would be somewhere snowy and wild. When you live in a warm sunny place, that seems as exotic as beaches and palms trees did when I was growing up in the England. I’m dreaming of snowy mountains, pine forest and lakes, and staying cosy inside wood cabins with a roaring fire. It’s a wonderfully cliched winter fantasy.

I’ve had such fun creating our Winter in the Mountains collection, which includes everything from furniture to lighting, home accessories and Christmas decorations. I’ve been sourcing unique treasures from across Europe and locally here in Andalusia. We’ve also created an edit of gift ideas to help you find beautiful unusual things for your loved ones this year. We’ve organised by receiver, so you can find the ideal gift for the passionate cook, decorator, husband or girlfriend. We’re also offering gift wrapping and can ship across Europe so gift giving is easy even if you can’t be there in person.

We’ll also be organising a special Christmas giveaway this year, so stay tuned! Thank you for supporting our small business and we wish you and your family a healthy, happy and prosperous winter.

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Simone Topolski