Cupid Brooch

€28.00 €35.00
Color: Red, burgundy, yellow and black. 

Product material:
Fabric, thread and metal.
L 25: W 40 mm. Approximately.

Love, love, I love you so much ... Carefully designed and embroidered, our brooches are the essential accessory of elegance ... Even in your cardboard and velvet box!

Embroidered completely by hand, in cannetilla thread, according to a very old Indo-Pakistani technique. This technique consists of embroidering pearls, gold and silver threads that were developed from the 17th century, in Asia and Europe.

As an infinite inner journey, creation is also a journey around the world: do not hesitate to cross the seas and oceans to discover skills and find the best craftsmen. This Pakistani company founded by the grandfather of the current manager, employs 60 highly qualified embroiderers, work there exclusively, full time, under social and security conditions imposed and regularly controlled by the creators.

This brooches are fragile. Avoid friction and water! To keep them for a long time, store them carefully in their pretty cardboard box.