Gold Bracelet with Stone Magnet Clasp

Carnelian color: Gold, coral and orange.
Carnelian material: Metal, carnelian and thread.

Faceted Amethyst Color: Gold, purple and fuchsia.
Faceted Amethyst Material:
Metal, amethyst and thread.

Turquoise Color: Gold and turquoise.
Turquoise Material: Metal, turquoise and thread.

Aventurine color:
Gold and green.
Aventurine material:
Metal, aventurine and thread.

Fluorite Green Color:
Gold and Green.
Fluorite Green  Material:
Metal, fluorite and thread.

L: 6; A: 6 cm

Shiny gold metal bracelet with original magnetized clasp, colorful round beads and matching color tassel. Simple, colorful and fun can be a perfect complement to your daily outfits. These