Votive Candle Set with Tray


Color: Multicolor.

Overall dimensions: L 50: W 26.5: H 2.5 cm.

Dimensions of each candleholder: Ø5.5xH3.5 / Ø5.5xH3.3 / Ø5.5xH6 / Ø5.5xH6 / Ø5.5xH7 / Ø7xH8 / Ø7xH8 / Ø5.5xH10.5 cm

Material: glass and paulownia

Features: Set of 9 candleholders of different size and shape in translucent glass of different colour with rectangular tray support in light wood.

This article is made of sprayed glass. Do not clean in the dishwasher or use aggressive detergents or abrasive agents.