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Mujeres Fuertes que se Apoyan Mutuamente

Strong Women Supporting Each Other

One of the things I enjoy most about running my own business is the ability to support and collaborate with other creative people, bringing their art to light. Among my personal values ​​there is something that is very important to me, and that is supporting other women in my work as an entrepreneur. So, it is no coincidence that she has ended up working and collaborating with women artisans and businesswomen. I love the camaraderie found among female fighters. That support, that acceptance and that lack of negative criticism inspires me a lot.

This month of March is International Women's Day, and we are delighted to participate by celebrating our team, dedicating spaces to some very special suppliers and chatting a little about what it means to be a woman entrepreneur and creator in the twenty-first century. We want to celebrate the empowerment of women and all the positive things that they can achieve.

How beautiful the ability we have as women to create networks of support and collaboration! That is for me the essence of feminine power.

Team Nomad Style

“Many hands make light work.”

It's true, shared work is much more bearable. My business would not be possible without my team, and that is why I want to take advantage of this small space to introduce you to all the women who surround me and who make Nomad Style possible.

Simone Topolski – I am the founder and creative director of the brand. For many years I had the dream of combining my two great passions: design and traveling. I am a decorator and designer passionate about Spanish culture, which captivated me since my first Spanish class, more than twenty years ago. I combine my work with being a mother of a two-year-old full of endless energy, so I never get bored. In rare moments of rest you can find me in the sea, on my paddle surf board, singing to the fish.

Ana Palacios Yera – Ana is an organization and logistics machine. She is in charge of the office and our warehouse. In addition, she is a very creative person who also works as a furniture restorer and a wood craftswoman. She is crazy about her cats Truman el Penas, Dido Eldar and Deba Opari.

Ella Koppensteiner – She handles all of our social media, our blog, and communication with our community. She speaks four languages ​​perfectly – Spanish, German, French and English – and works completely remotely in order to combine her job with her great passion: traveling non-stop and discovering the whole world. In addition, she runs her own digital magazine about sustainability and innovation in the world of design and art.

Leles Salvador – Leles has been part of the team since the beginning of Nomad Estilo with the Agua Amarga store. Today, she helps us with our one-off photo shoots, bringing her own unique touch of creativity. In addition, she works in the world of fashion designing wonderful clothes and accessories.

Hannah Torrejón – Hannah is a nomadic jewelry designer who spends the year traveling between her homeland in the Canary Islands and Cabo de Gata. At Nomad Estilo, she helps us create our line of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Bimba & Lola – These two very special dogs are unmatched companions. I found them when I was settling in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park and they have been with me ever since, through thick and thin.They bring a lot of joy to the office in addition to their amazing seat warming service and their great PR gift at the Agua Amarga store

My mother, Denise – I can't talk about my team without mentioning my mother, the person who has supported me all my life in my creative endeavors, I love you Mom!


The area where we live and work is full of creative people. Cabo de Gata Natural Park has a high proportion of artists and artisans. It is an inspiring environment and since the opening of the store it has been a pleasure to collaborate with many of them to give them a space in my store to sell their creations. For me it is essential to support my community through my business. I have worked with both men and women, because of course I do not limit myself to gender when choosing collaborators. But since this month we are celebrating women I want to highlight three women with whom she collaborated and present her fantastic work.

Elizabeth Monti – An Argentine who has made deep Almería her home. Elizabeth is a ceramic artist and her work is emblematic of Cabo de Gata Park. She looks for her inspiration in nature and her pieces take the form of fruits, cacti, or driftwood from the sea. From the garage of her house, in a quiet neighborhood of San Isidro, she takes out her creations and tells us what it means to be a creative woman for her.

“I work with my hands and inspired by nature. I create pieces that are simple pots, in a simple way. I use the same fruit or prickly pear to make the molds, or I use what the sea returns to us, to combine with the ceramics.

My work is located between the sea and the countryside, I am inspired by what surrounds me.

I believe that every woman should experience being a craftswoman and work with her hands to see the result of her own efforts. Enjoyment generates independence, gives flexibility in life.

My mother and sister help me with my work. My mother painting and my sister taking photos of my work. It is also thanks to my mother that since we were little we were always creating, painting and doing crafts.

I wish women were not celebrated just one day, but every day.”

You can find some very special pieces made by Elizabeth on our website. Made with prickly pears and enameled in white, they are pieces that can be hung to decorate a wall, placed on a table as a centerpiece, or to present a very special dish.

Jennifer Young – I met Jennifer at a market on Vera beach 6 years ago and I fell in love with her organic cosmetic products from her brand Naturalmente Mediterráneo. From her shop and workshop in Vera she produces a range of divinely scented soaps, creams, shampoos and body oils made from essential oils. Everything is organic and high quality.

As a collaboration, I commissioned him to create a soap with the essence of the Cabo de Gata Natural Park. It has thyme, wild herbs and red mud, and it reminds me of walking in the fields in the morning, when the morning dew smells of herbs and everything is fresh and clean.

Right now Jennifer is walking, doing the Camino de Santiago like she does every year. Good luck Jennifer!

You can find her products on our website .

Aurora Molina – A few years ago, apart from two stores, she had an international food bar. One day a group of gorgeous women came in, full of life and spirit. They all wore impressive necklaces with powerful stones, striking motifs and I had to ask them where those wonderful pieces were from. It turned out that one of the women in the group, Aurora, designed them for her Bantu brand. I am a huge fan of your pieces. They give a lot of power to the person who wears them. I have many of their necklaces and I call them “my witch necklaces”, they make me feel like a goddess.

Aurora works together with her sister Marien, so the Bantu brand is purely family, with a woman's soul. You can find her creations on our website .

“In our lives there are women, friends and wonderful creatives who have always inspired us.” says Aurora.
The two sisters collaborate in their community with other creatives like them.
“We will continue to feed on all of them and more, which we will come across on our way.”

Full-fledged artists

I also want to mention neighboring artists, with whom I have collaborated and who inspire me a lot.

Mar Cirugeda – She is a very talented photographer who captures the essence of beauty in her surroundings, both in the city of Almería and in the Natural Park of Cabo de Cat.

Encarna Morales – She is the energetic person behind the Rodalquilarte exhibition, and apart from this very large work, she is an artist working with themes of nature and sustainability.

Genoveva Arias she is a sterling silver jewelry artist, to which she gives organic shapes

Charo García A writer and environmental defender, Charo is part of the Friends of the Park association and someone who turns everything she does into art.

Women who support

Ultimately, part of the process of growing my business has been creating a support system for myself, both personally and professionally.

During the last year, I have found my “dream team”: three women who work with me in various facets of my life.

Being English, it's good for me to work in my own language, so all three are English too. I would like to include them here because they are very important to me, and I consider them an integral part of my team.

Emma Byers – Life Coach

Gemma Went – Business Mentor

Laura Cook – Financial Consultant

Thank you to all these incredible women for being part of this great project that is Nomad Estilo!

There are many more people who make this adventure possible, so don't miss our next articles where we will keep telling you stories about all those people who make Nomad Estilo so special.